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When it comes to enhancing the interior and exterior look of your building, no other product can match the design versatility and finish of ACM cladding panels.

Not only do they have the ability to boost your corporate image, but you will benefit from additional advantages that include thermal insulation, noise-suppression and using a building material that is green rated and environmentally friendly.

First African Claddings is the official supplier of ALPOLIC®, a premium range of ACM panelling that is imported from Mitsubishi Plastics in Japan.

In addition to our selection of ACM panelling products, we supply a premium range of fibre cement boards that are lightweight and durable, supplied by EUROPANELS in Belgium.

We offer the Italfim & Fils expanded mesh ranges, that is wide enough to meet the most sofisticated of projects.  These ranges offer expanded architectural mesh cladding that enable architects

Ceramic Cladding products by First African Claddings

Coverlam offers modern facades with large format, ultra-thin ceramic tiles.  First African Claddings is a distributor and installer of Coverlam for South Africa and other countries in Africa, as on

ACM architectural panels such as ALPOLIC® have a reduced carbon footprint because they use less material than conventional building products. Green sustainable building panels have also been credited with the worldwide recognised LEED green rating.

With the push towards a greener tomorrow, ACM panels will get you there. Not only do they require half the energy to produce than pure Aluminium sheets, they also have thermal insulation properties - saving you electricity costs.

Smartfix Cladding

Smartfix is a cladding product used to preserve and enhance the aesthetic design of buildings. The Smartfix system guarantees uniformity from panel to panel, providing a sharp clean look, free from exposed fixings and sealants.

HulaBond ACM cladding panels on the exterior wall of a Porshe vehicle dealership. There is a fleet of Porsches parked in front on the building and cars can be seen on the showroom floor inside.

HulaBond is another brand of ACM panelling. HulaBond ACM panels are highly weather resistant and also boast a high versatility in terms of designing the exterior or interior of your building.

A view from the ground of a Louvres sun control system on a building, used to balance out excessive light and heat and provide the advantage of natural light. Louvres also assits in regulating a buildings temperature.

Louvres, or a sun control system, can filter out harsh light and excessive heat, while as far as possible still allowing for the benefits of natural lighting and the movement of fresh air.

Cold Door Lighting Systems

Helderberg Technology Holdings has partnered with a pioneer in light-emitting diode (LED) technology with 50 years of Lighting Excellence, with the dedication to provide customers with the best LED lighting systems.

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