AfriClad’s ALPOLIC Seminar

AfriClad hosted a successful ALPOLIC Seminar in Durban on the 26th of October 2011. Our guest speakers for the event were Toshiya Matsumura and Takashi Kimura, our suppliers from Mitsubishi Plastics.

ALPOLIC seminar on building cladding : Gauteng

After a very successful seminar in Cape Town in November last year, AfriClad will again be hosting an Alpolic Seminar on building cladding with ACM. Mr Toshiya Matsumura of Mitsubishi Plastics Inc, (manufacturer of ALPOLIC®), will be in Gauteng on 10 May 2011 to talk about ALPOLIC®. The unique features, applications and product- and technical information will be covered.

Architect's response on previous seminar:

The MCB Pylon Installation in Mauritius

First African Holdings recently installed a pylon for the Mauritius Commercial Bank building located outside Port Louis in Mauritius. The pylon is 7m wide and 5m high and a rather awkward shape. In addition to that, the client required minute gabs between the three different sections of the pylon sign. From the order date to the final installation it took the AfriClad team 12 weeks to complete the project.

“SHOWING THE WAY” is now a Registered Trade Mark

First African Holdings is proud to announce that their tagline “SHOWING THE WAY” is now a registered trade mark.

By registering “Showing the Way” as a tagline, First African Holdings wants the industry to know just how serious they are about being industry leaders and Showing the Way forward.

Toyota Thanks AfriClad

The dealer principle for Toyota Lichtenburg, Neels Snyman, had the following to say about AfriClad’s service:

"Your cladding transformed our building into something we are very proud of and made it a landmark in Lichtenburg. We were very pleased with AfriClad's service."

First African Holdings Receives a New BEE Rating

Following an audit on all seven elements on the Generic BEE scorecard, First African Holdings was verified as a Level Four Contributor. First African Holdings went from a Qualifying Small Enterprise to Generic. This certification is valid until 29 May 2013.


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