Coverlam Ceramic Cladding


Coverlam offers modern facades with large format, ultra-thin ceramic tiles.  First African Claddings is a distributor and installer of Coverlam for South Africa and other countries in Africa, as one of the cladding solutions offered by them.

Coverlam is the result of years of research and development. Thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce a 1200x3600 mm, 1620X3240 mm, 1000x3000 mm, 1200x2600 mm porcelain tile which may be as little as 3.5mm thick, while still maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic properties characteristic of porcelain tile. This broadens the scope of porcelain, offering great potential for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.

Benefits of Coverlam:

  • Lightweight
  • Hygienic surface and scratch resistant
  • Waterproof surface
  • Frost resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Resistant to fire and heat
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Flexural strength
  • Chemical resistant
  • Respectful of the environment
  • Sustainable


H&C TILES is the result of the application of Hydrotect® technology to the field of ceramics. Hydrotect® is a titanium dioxide coating that helps reduce environmental pollution and endows the ceramic material with self-cleaning, antibacterial and odour-elimination properties.

Exposing the titanium dioxide to ultraviolet radiation produces a photocatalytic reaction generating active oxygen and breaking down the dirt into smaller, less adhesive particles. Due to the hydrophilic properties of H&C TILES, water spreads uniformly over the surface, thereby facilitating drag and removal of dirt particles.

Indoor applications

  • Hospitals
  • Gyms and Spas
  • High Traffic Bathrooms


Outdoor applications

  • Sustainable construction



One of the main problems for the environment and for people today is environmental pollution due to the presence of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide), generated by vehicles and certain industrial processes. H&CTILES facades are a key agent in the removal of this compound from the atmosphere.
Thanks to the photo-catalytic properties of titanium dioxide, H&CTILES facades generate active oxygen, which transforms the NOx into NO3. The removal of NO3 from the facade occurs when rainwater hits the surface of the tile.


H&CTILES contain the antibacterial properties of the titanium dioxide.

Ventilated Façade

A ventilated façade is a construction method whereby a physical separation is created between the outside of the façade and the interior wall of the building. This separation creates an open cavity allowing the exchange of the air contained between the wall and the outer cladding. The cavity provides a range of thermal, acoustic, aesthetic and functional advantages that add great value to the product.

There are different fastening systems to suit both the aesthetic and functional needs of the client.

Follow this link for a video on the refurbishment ventilated facade.

Thanks to its unbeatable technical and aesthetic properties, Coverlam can provide constructive, innovative solutions to any project. When used for façades, its large formats, as well as the range of available sizes, means installations can be completed in fewer steps and makes it adaptable to any project design requirements.

Given its minimal thickness, Coverlam is one of the lightest Facade-covering materials on the market. That’s why Coverlam is highly recommended for the implementation of ventilated façade projects.

Given how easy it is to handle in construction work and to install on façades, Coverlam greatly reduces problems of replacement, that often arise during the maintenance of a ventilated facade.  Despite its reduced thickness, Coverlam is able to withstand the stresses to which covering materials for ventilated facades are typically subjected.

Coverlam façades, coated with our h&c tiles treatment, play a key role in eliminating atmospheric pollution, especially NOx.  The photocatalytic properties of the h&c tiles treatment also help generate a self-cleaning function;  any organic dirt particles that may stick to the façade are eliminated thanks to the hydrophilic surface and the active oxygen released.



Coverlam can easily be placed on walls and floors, over the top of any material without the need for demolition. This eliminates the typical inconveniences associated with renovations, such as noise, dust and debris, thus reducing working time.  Its minimal thickness and low weight facilitate storage and transportation, and do not overload the existing structure.

The advantages of Coverlam really stand out when it comes to renovations of establishments open to the public.

Thanks to the possibility of installation without prior demolition, renovation time is significantly reduced, thus minimizing the time that the business is closed and associated lost business costs.  There are also considerable savings as a result of low debris generation. In this regard, virtually all the costs associated with the Management and disposal of debris generated during renovation are eliminated.


Ceramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products  First African CladdingsCeramic Cladding products by First African Claddings


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