In addition to supplying ALPOLIC®, we can also supply HulaBond ACM cladding panels. HulaBond aluminium cladding is available with standard polyethylene or fire retardant cores.

Up to 24 different colour schemes are available with panels coated in Colour-Tech PVDF paint. This delivers a weather resistant, low maintenance finish to the panel which has an excellent performance record in corrosive marine and industrial environments.

Like ALPOLIC®, HulaBond can be easily formed to architects’ specifications – the panels’ flexibility allow them to be curved using pyramid rollers, routed and folded to create sharp edges or cut, punched or drilled for finer details.

Panels are cut to shape offsite from 1500mm x 5800mm sheets and are available in 4mm or 6mm thickness. They are suitable for use in new building and refurbishment projects with internal and external applications.

A brochure of HulaBond Cladding can be found here.

HulaBond ACM cladding panels on the exterior wall of a Porshe dealership. There is a fleet of high-end vehicles parked in front on the building and cars can be seen on the showroom floor inside.View of the top part of a pylon sign with HulaBond external cladding. The sign is outside of a Subaru vehicle dealership. HulaBond cladding is highly flexible which allows it to be easily formed to architects specifications.HulaBond external cladding used to visually enhance the exterior of a Samsonite branch. Hulabond cladding also adds a new level of durability due to colour-tech PVDF paint that provides excellent protection against corrosion.HulaBond external cladding used on signage at a Nvidia branch. HulaBond cladding is highly durable due to colour-tech PVDF paint coating that provides excellent protection against the elements.


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