Fagron Healthy Ageing Institute

First African Claddings, cladding division of Helderberg Technology Holdings recently clad the Fagron Healthy Ageing  Institute building  in Northclift, Johannesburg.

TE80 Tectiva fibre cement panels, from  EuroPanel, were chosen for this project. 

This building is only one of many cladding projects done by First African Claddings (FAC), where the use of Tectiva was specified.

“It comes as no surprise to us”, said Van Heerden De Wet, FAC’s Operations Manager, “when you consider the advantages of the use of this product.  Not only offering the natural aesthetically pleasing look that has become very popular, but also offers an eco-friendly product, with a lengthy supplier’s product guarantee.”

 EQUITONE [tectiva] is a through coloured panel with no coating. As the panel has an honest, pure and natural appearance colour differences are possible. The surface of the sheet is characterised by fine sanding lines and white spots.  EQUITONE [tectiva] is available in 8mm thicknesses.

Bartlett Construction was the client for this project, and the architects were B2 Architects.